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Overweight and suffered from acne


Overweight and suffered from acne
Salma Hayek Federal District is a symbol of elegance and the envy of many women as shapely figure and porcelain skin, but not everything has always been so great for the actress, as before in Hollywood in the early 90's, suffered acne, obesity and severe depression, according to recently told U.S. magazine Lucky.

Acne No More Review"When I was 25 and I stopped being a soap opera star in Mexico to try to be someone in the U.S., while in my country everybody was laughing at me because I could hardly get a job or as an extra, I suffered from Acne No More Review.

"It was so bad that sent me into severe depression, severe. I could not leave the house. I woke in the morning and touched my face, only to prepare for myself in the mirror, "the actress shared with the publication.

The skin problems of the protagonist of 'Frida' led to overeating, and therefore to be overweight. However, his friend, filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón helped overcome this difficult phase.

"She was fat and he was broke, could not pay the rent. But Alfonso Cuarón, surprising a director, went to my house to see me.

"He did not try to tell me: 'You look good' but I could not do that to me, let me fall, I should relax, taught me to meditate and gradually returned to be what it was before," said Mexican the magazine.

She agreed to look radiant in Hollywood is not easy, for he has been tempted to use botox, as several of his colleagues.

He said that maintaining a figure to be consistent with the standards of beauty it is complicated, since one of its greatest weaknesses is the food.

Mickey Godmother

Disneyland in Paris this weekend celebrated its 20th anniversary with a party overflowing with celebrities, fashion shows and a futuristic show Acne No More Review Acne No More Review

Mexican actress Salma Hayek and former French footballer Zinedine Zidane led the celebrations in the park that included a screening of Disney characters at Sleeping Beauty Castle.
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